Mohawk Trail Regional School Trailblazer Model

We are excited to share our grant work updates with you! We will use this space to share progress with our Mass IDEAS planning grant, upcoming community meeting information, and progress we are making with our trailblazer model. This page is currently under construction, so stay tuned! Don't forget that you can still view our June 5 community meeting videos on Facebook.

MTRS Blaze Your Trail logoMohawk Trail Regional School (MTRS) is tailoring the most innovative work in the field of education to fit our unique district to create the trailblazer model. We are building on the best of what we have while challenging the status quo to make education relevant and meaningful for our students. In doing so, MTRS will provide opportunities for each student to adopt 21st-century skills while pursuing their individual passions as they blaze a trail to graduation. They won’t just be sitting in desks. When students lead their own learning, they may be out in the field doing real research, interning at a local business, designing interdisciplinary projects, or taking courses at a local college. It’s not enough to just have knowledge. Students will have to be curious, adaptable, independent, and motivated. In return, our community will flourish from the increased partnership with our school and the enhanced relationships our students develop as they seek to do good work in the world.

Important Dates

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