Frequently Asked Questions

To answer some of your questions as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled a list of those most frequently asked by Mohawk Trail parents. Be sure to read more throughout this website and in our student handbook so that you’re well-informed and prepared to support our students through a successful educational journey.

How do I enroll a student at Mohawk Trail?

We are thrilled to welcome new members to our community! Please visit our district Registration page for the information about enrolling a student at one of our schools. You may also download and print a copy of the registration forms and bring the completed forms, together with the required documentation, to our main office.

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Do you provide transportation services?

We are pleased to provide our students with safe, reliable transportation to and from school each day. We consider bus riding a privilege and expect all students to adhere to the rules for their own safety as well as for the safety of others. For information on bus policies, schedules, and routes, please visit our district Transportation page.

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May my high schooler drive to and from school?

Yes, and student parking is available with a parking permit. However, students may not drive any time during school hours including class breaks and lunch periods. Also, students may not sit in their vehicles during the lunch period. Drivers, please remember that busses always have the right-of-way.

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What are the school hours?

Arrival/Breakfast: 7:20–7:40 a.m.

Tardy Bell: 7:45 a.m.

Dismissal: 2:20 p.m.

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What should a student do if he/she will be absent from school?

If a student must miss school, please call the school office on the day of the absence. For information about attendance requirements and what qualifies as an excused absence, please refer to our student handbook.

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Do you enforce a dress code at Mohawk Trail Schools?

We expect our students to dress in an appropriate manner at all times. Student dress may not present a health or a safety hazard, violate municipal, county, or state law, or present a potential disruption of the educational process. Generally, we do not allow:

  • Clothing with any logo, writing, symbols, or numbers that reflect violence, malicious behavior, offensive language, sexual innuendo, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or anything otherwise considered disruptive or gang related
  • Non-prescription dark glasses worn on the face or head, hats, caps, or other headgear unless designated for a specific purpose 
  • Wheeled “heely-type” shoes

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What are “senior privileges”?

Seniors who are have met all graduation requirements and maintain a passing GPA may apply for senior privileges. These privileges allow seniors to leave campus early (or come to school late) for work or learning-related activities. Students are responsible for their own transportation, and student-athletes must continue to meet MIAA attendance requirements to participate in athletic events. You may pick up an application from the front office.

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Can students use cell phones during school?

All students may use cell phones or other electronic devices (iPods/iPads and tablets) before and after school. High schoolers may also send and receive text messages during their lunch break. All other electronic device usage must be for educational purposes in coordination with classroom teachers.

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