Mohawk Trail Regional School Trailblazer Model

MTRS Student Arts Panel - April 12, 2022

How do the arts play a role in the Trailblazer Model? What opportunities do students have to experience arts education at MTRS? How are MTRS students supported in building a creative community?

MT Student Arts Panel

Please join us for a virtual student-led panel discussion on Tuesday, April 12 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Our talented students will be leading this event to share their artistry and educational experiences. Take a virtual tour of our arts spaces! Enjoy a sampling of student work in vocal and instrumental music, studio and digital arts, and theater. We hope you will join us! Caregiver and community, please RSVP online.

What is a Trailblazer? Student Panel

Mohawk Trail Regional School (MTRS) recently hosted a What is a Trailblazer? virtual event. Please take a moment to view our video below to hear from current MTRS students who are blazing their trails at MTRS.

The Trailblazer Is You!

Welcome to Mohawk Trail Regional School. At MTRS you will blaze a trail to graduation that is right for you, because everyone is unique. Try something new. Explore your interests. Challenge yourself to go deep and far. This journey will be filled with opportunities to grow and discover your path as you blaze your trail to graduation at MTRS.

Advisory at MTRS- Connection to each other, our academics and the world - Community where we all belong - Brave Space to be ourselves and stand up for justice

Advisory at MTRS: Brave Space, to be ourselves and stand up for justice; Community, where we all belong; Connection, to each other, our academics, and the world. 

Pillars of the MTRS Trailblazer Model

Our students blaze their own trail to graduation!

MTRS students can design their own projects; participate in hands-on learning and internships; gain personalized support through an advisory program; and have the opportunity to take new, exciting blended-courses.

Students in class

The pillars of our Trailblazer Model include:

  • Advisory programming
  • Personalized, student-centered learning (including independent study, internship and work experience programs, and Senior Capstone)
  • High-quality instruction and courses
  • Community working groups
  • Collaborative teaching

At MTRS, we offer 11 Advance Placement courses, 15 varsity sports, 11 arts, clubs, & extracurricular groups!

Blaze your trail with us! Be sure to check out our course offerings and see what MTRS can offer you!

Personalized Learning at MTRS- Independent Study, Internship Program, Senior Capstone, Work Experience Program

Personalized Learning at MTRS

Independent Study: Faculty-supervised experience for students to pursue an independent-study project that is uniquely designed and for their specific interests. (This cannot be used for required courses.) 

Internship Program: Available to 11th and 12th graders to provide students with hands-on experience and career exploration while earning high school credit. We'll help you design the internship experience that meets your goals. 

Senior Capstone: All seniors design their capstone in the fall. Through a variety of projects, research, and internship opportunities, you will take charge of your learning and showcase your knowledge. 

Work Experience Program: A mutual effort between students, employers, and MTRS to provide opportunities that allow students to earn up to 18 credits for part-time employment, gain skills, and discover areas of career interest. 

We've Been Featured!

Student working in nature

We're excited to share that MTRS was featured in the Next Generation Learning Challenges' (NGLC) national newsletter (November issue)! The article highlights distributive leadership at MTRS, which is a primary focus of our all-school redesign work through our Trailblazer Model. We're so proud of our educators and the progress we've made with our grant implementation.

Welcome to MTRS!

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