Fine Arts

At Mohawk Trail Regional School, we believe fine and performing arts are important parts of the curriculum. Even if our students don’t go on to become professional artists, musicians, or actors, we’re confident their exposure to the arts at Mohawk Trail opens their minds to the beauty our world has to offer—something that will stay with them for a lifetime.

All students must take at least one arts course to fulfill their graduation requirements.

Visual Arts

The arts enrich our lives in many ways, and our visual arts program offers students opportunities to explore creative expression and practice the principles of possibility. At Mohawk Trail, our integrated learning opportunities encourage collaboration amongst multiple disciplines. Our middle school arts integration teacher regularly works with other classes to help bring content to life through art.

  • Art-glish
  • Art and Design
  • Art History
  • Contemporary Art
  • Film Studies
  • Hiking and Nature-Based Art


"Music is the soul of life." - Bono

Here at Mohawk Regional School, we offer so many music paths and opportunities for our students, from traditional band and choir ensembles to modern small ensembles to creating loops, beat making, songwriting, and music technologies. Students excel through voicing their own preferences, connecting the music they enjoy to their everyday work, striving to achieve through the pursuit of their individual passions.

Students complete final projects that are recorded (both live performances and studio recordings) that they can reflect upon for the rest of their life, giving our students a lifelong pursuit of excellence through their own passion.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Freitag (music director) with any questions or comments. I hope to see you at our concerts!

Keelan Freitag