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Sustainability Survey

Please participate in our community and family/caregiver sustainability survey. 

The Mohawk Trail and Hawlemont School Districts have engaged Berkshire Educational Resources K12 (BERK12) to complete a thorough sustainability study that ultimately will present the Districts, their member towns, and their communities with ideas about the educational, financial, and operational future of the Districts. For this work to be successful, we need your help!

Please fill out a survey and let us know your thoughts on the Mohawk Trail and Hawlemont Regional School Districts by clicking on the link below. Thank you!

Chromebook and Charger Returns

Did your student return their Chromebook and charger?

Students in grades eight through eleven had the opportunity to return their devices earlier this week. Unfortunately, there are some devices and chargers still outstanding.

Thank you in advance for returning the Chromebook and charger to the school at your earliest convenience. If you are unable to do so, your child will not receive a device next year and you will receive a bill for a replacement. Next week we will remotely close down access to devices that have not been returned.

Please reach out to Chelsea in the front office with any questions or concerns. Thank you for supporting our technology team.

Graduation and Awards Photos

To access the portraits of the class of 2024 graduates captured just after receiving their diplomas, as well as photos from the awards evening, visit this link to download your graduate’s photo before June 30. Thanks to Otis at Falls Cable, you can access the graduation ceremony for the class of 2024 on YouTube.

The Magic of Mosaics
Girl looking at a mosaic of a bird on the outside wall

Over the last two spring seasons, Mohawk Trail Regional School students embarked on an installation art project done in a collaboration, throughout the grades, with local artist Robert Markey from Ashfield.

Markey has traveled across the globe—including to Iran, Brazil, India, Afghanistan, and Indonesia—leading community art projects focused on building peace with refugees and orphans and in shelters. He has been dedicated to this idea and action following careers as a builder and computer science professional.

Locally, Markey asked the question, “How might we get the most kids involved in a project?” Creating mosaics is an artform that has a low threshold to begin but participants may take the artform to more sophisticated places, plus lots of hands can contribute to the final product. The artform includes designing, sketching, color matching and coordinating, cutting tiles and mirror pieces, pieceing, mortering, and sponging. Markey appreciates the idea that it is an artform that lasts.

At Mohawk Trail Regional, the mosaics project actually began with the eleventh grade class from a couple of years ago rehabbing an outdoor classroom. MTRS art teacher Rachel Silverman wanted the kids to take ownership of it and now over 75 students have contributed to that space.

Contributing to something was motivation for the students. “Creating public art is fun because it intrigues people and offers a sense of community,” shared Silverman. It also offered a welcome interruption to normal routines for both the artists and observers. Over the course of the project, other teachers like Mr. Drake, Mr. Leowolf, and Ms. Camarda would help or offer encouragement to the effort. In the short spans of time the work sessions allowed, the project has been really positive and offered a sense of pride. It was also heartening to see students who might not have identified as artists realize this is an art form with which they could be successful.

Emma Thrower, currently a member of the junior class, has taken a number of art class offerings and she really got into the project. “I was always out here,” Emma admits. She enjoyed working alongside Markey and found herself helping students who took on a larger shape than they really had time to finish. Markey taught them how the mosaics come together and students would come out to the courtyard with creativity and purpose, and leave with a sense of accomplishment. Emma and others could step back from the mosaics they were creating and say, “I did that. I worked on that.” She got to know other students better and felt like her relationship with Silverman grew. Emma’s favorites are the fish. She loves going fishing and there was something special about them for her.

Thanks to Bob Markey for giving his time and expertise to lead us through the process. The outdoor courtyard now has over 60 local nature-themed mosaics that brighten our outdoor space and will last and be enjoyed for many years to come!

Mosaic of a cougar and a flower on the outside wallMosaic of a lizard, mushrooms, and a dragon fly on outside wallOutdoor area with a tent cover and chairs for enjoying the mosaics
AP Classes Offered and Teaching Staff at MTRS

In the 2024–2025 school year, Mohawk Trail Regional will list thirteen AP courses in its curriculum guide. However, due to our size and the availability of teaching staff, six AP courses are likely to run in any given year, pushing the balance of the courses to run every other year. Students work with their guidance counselor when choosing courses to understand whether opting for an AP course in their junior (or even sophomore) year may be a good strategy.

Spanish Trip to UMass

Ms. A and all of the MTRS Spanish students went to UMass Amherst recently. The UMass dance team taught our students the cha cha cha before taking them to eat at Tamales restaurant on campus.

MTRS Spanish class female student at UMass learning the cha cha chaMTRS Spanish class female student learning a dance from UMass studentMTRS female student learning a dance from UMass student

    Art Students Enjoy a Grant-Funded Trip
    Art students at MFA Boston viewing a statue of Juno

    The art department took students to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston recently. The students saw art and artifacts dating from antiquity to the 21st century while exploring the museum's deep collection on display.

    Nate Ruth, a senior, sees the value in visiting art museums. “It’s important to see all of that stuff to see what people used to do before they had phones. I just wish we had more time there. I really enjoyed the Greek sculptures, specifically the pottery and the sgraffito style stuff.”

    Doug Wilcox, a junior, also enjoyed the ancient art and says his favorite work was a Roman statue of Juno that stands over 13’ tall dating back to the first century BCE.

    “I thought the National electric guitar in the History of Music section was really cool, I took a picture of it. I’ve never seen a guitar in an art museum before,” said Trent Richardson, a freshman.

    Julia Pease, also a senior, enjoyed spending time sketching some of the statutes in galleries. One of the most memorable works for her was Gerrit van Honthorst’s immense Triumph of the Winter Queen: Allegory of the Just (1636). “I liked this painting because it reflects society and class struggle. Also, it was huge, which was like ‘...oh snap.’” Julia added that, “I appreciated having the independence to explore my own interests in the museum, think for myself, and make my own meaning.”

    The field trip was funded through grants provided by the Buckland, Charlemont/Hawley, Colrain, Heath, Plainfield, Rowe, and Shelburne Cultural Councils, local agencies funded by Mass Cultural Council, a state agency. The MFA also provided a grant for transportation expenses.

    Group photo of students in front of Museum of Fine Art BostonStudents viewing painting at the Museum of Fine Art Boston
    MTRS Yearbooks

    Don't forget to order the 2024 edition of Massamet, Mohawk Trail's yearbook. You or your student can order the yearbook through TreeRing with school passcode: 1015542201951246. If you haven't ordered an MTRS yearbook in the past four years, you'll have to make an account. Seniors have had yearbooks purchased for them with Class of 2024 funds. Yearbooks ordered before May 10 will be shipped to the school by the end of the month. Yearbooks ordered after May 10 will be shipped directly to your home. Please reach out to Mr. Leowolf with any questions.

    Peacemaker Awards

    The Peacemaker Award recognizes the youth in Franklin County who create projects to make positive contributions toward justice, peace, and equity within their communities and worldwide. The Interfaith Council of Franklin County and the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice sponsor the Peacemaker Award. The following students were nominated and awarded the honor for their participation and hard work as Key Club members, and for spearheading the creation of the Sharing & Caring Closet for their surrounding communities. These students recognized a need for change and contributed to a positive solution. The Peacemaker Award will take place on May 8, 2024, at the Greenfield Public Library from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Guest speakers include Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian. We encourage students, family, and friends to join others receiving their awards. This prestigious award goes to the Key Club members, Mohamed Abdelgaward, Shelby Collier, Madeline Cosentino, Riley Girad, Sophia Goodnow, Palmer King, Jackson Lilienthal, Chayim Mojallali, Gage Patenaude, Sebastian Seward, Emily Sisum, Kaylin Sumner, Phineas Tuttman, and Will Van Vleet.